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360° Fashion Tours

(March 2021) This page will be updated shortly with our new demos and services.

Online shoppers can now appraise and interact with fashion from all angles - it's better than a live show!

Our 360° interactive fashion tours are an appealing & cost effective alternative to ordinary 2-dimensional fashion photographs, and they are lots of fun to interact with.

360° object tours

Because they are more appealing than 2-D flat images, our virtual tours can boost real-world traffic, drive sales, increase repeat online visitors and set you apart from the competition.

We produce a range of virtual tours to meet the marketing goals and budget of our clients. 360promo can help you to use the latest in immersive imaging technologies on your website, kiosk or digital business card. Capitalize on this rapidly growing online activity by offering the most effective visual content available.

Key features

About our service

Our fashion tours are produced using real-life fashion models or mannequins, and are created under professional studio lighting and conditions.

For fast tour production, your apparel can be shipped to our Australian studio, or we can setup our portable studio on-site anywhere in the world.

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